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My very first memories are those of the sounds of my mother singing to me, my father playing the lute, and the smell of oil paint that was always present in the apartment in Vienna where I was born.


My mother, whom I am very close to, has always had an incredible sense for aesthetics, nature, light, and color. She studied photography. My father was a fine art painter. My grandfather, the recently deceased painter, sculptor, and architect, Professor Ernst Fuchs, was considered one of the most versatile artists alive, and was one of the founders of the Vienna, School of Fantastic Realism.


Both my parents were always very creative and sensitive people. My mother was my father's muse. He was always very passionate about his art and never seemed to care too much about whether or not he sold his paintings.


He painted because he loved it, and he played the lute because he loved it. Unfortunately, as a result, we lived quite poorly, but very genuinely. Doing that which made you happy was the guideline. That's how I was raised. During a documentary that was once produced about my grandfather, he said, "I knew from a very early age that I would be an artist. Frankly, because I think I didn't have the skills or interest to become anything else." I can relate to that. I have always had an admiring eye for the aesthetics of things: colors, light and shadows, shapes, and the simplicity and beauty of nature. I used to draw and paint a lot as a child, until I was about 16. Then I started to travel and I began expressing my creativity in other ways, still drawing and painting here and there, but it happened when I turned 22, that I noticed that photography was my medium.


I remember spending days, weeks, and months, going through folders of possible careers at the "job information center" in my early twenties. Nothing at all inspired me. None of the possible jobs, studies, or careers seemed interesting at all, and I felt lost. Then one day, while living in Munich, I met a photographer, who after 20 minutes of conversation invited me to come work for him as an assistant. At that moment I finally felt that spark I was waiting for. I started working in his studio and on location with him, and suddenly everything seemed to make sense.


That was what I had been looking for, and instead of finding it, it found me. Photography, to me, is capturing moments the way I see them. There are hundreds of ways of capturing an object, a moment, and a person. It all lies in the eye of the photographer. Taking a picture does not start with a camera, it starts in your eye.


I left Austria in 1993 at the age of 16. I was so curious to get out into the world. Nothing could have held me back, and so, off I went. Since then I have lived and worked in Denmark, Los Angeles, Germany, Italy, London, Salamanca Spain, Canary Islands, Costa Rica, Honduras, and finally Mexico.


I am not apt to be an employee. My own ideas of how things are, or should be, are too strong. So, I always tried to be a freelancer in everything I did. I spent years working as a bartender before I started working as a full time photographer in 2009 while living in Costa Rica.


A few years ago, a childhood friend from Austria reminded me of something I said to him when we were about 10 years old. "When I grow up, I will travel around the world, and live in the jungle." That's kind of what I did.



"Home is not where you live but where they understand you"

 - Christian Morgenstern


My influences and family

Mexico is very vibrant and very versatile, and I feel like I fit right in here. I have lived and worked in 10 different countries since I left Austria. While it is many people's worst nightmare, I just love to leave everything behind and go toward the uncertain, the unknown. The uncertain is so full of possibilities. Like a blank canvas that can transform into any image you want. I like learning about cultures, picking up languages, becoming one with the locals, learning their slang, and listening to their music...


Every country is unique, but no one is perfect. Mexico is the only country I have lived in, left and moved back to, and that's because, to me, it is as perfect as it gets. I like the people and the friendliness, and I feel like I can truly be a part of the culture. I do not feel like a stranger here, I feel at home, a feeling that is unusual for me since I have not lived in one and the same place for more than 5 years, ever, since the day of my birth. So, how would I know what home feels like? I don't know, but I do feel it here. Sayulita especially, makes me feel like a normal person. Whenever I go back to Europe, people don't seem to understand me. They think I live a "crazy" life. I don't fit into any category. Sayulita seems to be a magnet for such "weirdos," and so here we all are, feeling normal together.

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