About me


Photography, to me, is capturing moments the way I see and feel them. There are hundreds of ways of capturing an object, a moment, and a person. It all lies in the eye of the photographer. Taking a picture does not start with a camera, it starts in your eyes and in your heart.

photo credit: Darrin Polischuk
photo credit: Georgia Glennon Photography

I left my home country Austria in 1993 at the age of 16, ready to explore the world. Since then I have lived and worked in Denmark, California, Germany, Italy, London, Spain, Costa Rica, Honduras, and finally Mexico.

I spent years working as a bartender and other random jobs before I started working as a full time photographer in 2009 while living in Costa Rica.

Some time ago, a childhood friend from Austria reminded me of something I once said to him when we were about 10 years old: “When I’m grown up, I want to travel around the world, and live in the jungle.” I had not remembered saying that but funnily, it’s almost precisely what I did.

photo credit: Darrin Polischuk
photo credit: Dennis Berti